Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta

Surrounded by the Andes Mountains and the waters of the Mendoza River, Termas Cacheuta Thermal Hotel & Spa is a traditional destination in the province of Mendoza.

The Thermal Hotel & Spa has 16 rooms with a bathroom with thermal water, heating and everything necessary for our guests to relax and enjoy their stay.

Its privileged location and its exclusive Thermal Spa constitute its main attraction. More tan 10 stone pools by the river at different temperatures and with several hidrotherapies invite to live the stay, in touch with nature. Mud Therapy, our natural vaporarium (La Gruta) add even more purification to make of this Thermal Spa, a unique place.

Room's View

 Our rates change depending the room view. This room is a Mountain and Pool view room. We also have cheaper options: our Clasic Style rooms have Interal or Garden view.

Our Bedrooms

16 rooms in total.
8 with Mountain and Pool view.
3 with Garden view.
5 with Internal view.
All on a second floor by stairs.
No TV.
Check in: 12:30pm – Check out: 10:00am.

All Inclusive

Breakfast Buffet

Buffet consists of a large table of drinks and food so you can start the day in the best way. Homemade baking.

Criollo Lunch Buffet

The Argentine “Asado” (grilled meat), the wide variety of vegetable and fresh fruits, the wines and its delicious homemade jams are the stars of the restaurant.


At 19:30 guests are invited to the Hotel lobby to taste empanadas and Mendoza wine.


The menu have three different options of entrance, three main courses and three dessert options. It also includes coffee or digestive tea. You will find vegetarian, pasta and meat options.

Four Meals

There is no doubt that the restaurant’s specialty is its Criollo Lunch, a buffet of regional food, that, together with the scene of the Thermal Spa, makes your stay at the Hotel & Spa unique and unforgettable.

  • More than 25 types of greens of the region.
  • Delicious entrees.
  • Criollo dishes.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Asado mendocino.
  • Regional deserts.
  • Dinks are not included.

Thermal Spa

Our Thermal Spa is a group of indoor and oudoor stone pools with thermal water from 30 to 40°C.

Our guests at the Hotel will be able to use the Thermal Spa form 10am of the check in day until 12:30pm of the check out day.

Free Access to the Thermal Spa

More than 10 pools with thermal water at different temperatures and with different hydrotherapies: Bubble bed, Volcanoes, Waterfalls.
Pool of cold spring water.
Thermal Vaporarium “La Gruta”.
Dry Sauna.
Fango Therapy.
Shower Corner.
Swimming pool with thermal water.

More Nights, More Services

Nights 2 Nights 3 Nights 5 Nights 7 Nights 10 nights
(30 minutes)
3 massages
(30 minutes)
5 massages
(30 minutes)
6 massages
(30 minutes)
9 massages
(30 minutes)
1 Aqua Relax 1 Aqua Relax 1 Aqua Relax
1 Massage Therapy
(1 hour)
1 Massage Therapy
(1 hour)
1 Skin Cleansing

Thermal Spa for the Day

The Thermal Spa of Termas Cacheuta Hotel & Spa opens its doors to all tourists and locals who want to enjoy the thermal water, the mud therapy and its unique landscapes just for the day. There are options that adjust to your time availability. The Thermal Spa Full Day is the most requested of the options since you can also enjoy the exquisite and traditional Criollo Lunch Buffet included. But if you have no time for a full day, we offer a half day of Thermal Spa in the morning or in the afternoon.

Thermal Spa Full Day

Access to the Thermal Spa from 10am to 6pm.

Criollo Lunch Buffet (without drinks)

Transfer (optional)

Morning of Thermal Spa

Access to the Thermal Spa from 10 am to 1 pm

No lunch inclded.

Transfer (optional)

Afternoon of Thermal Spa

Access to the Thermal Spa from 3 pm to 6 pm

No lunch included.


  • All rooms in our Thermal Hotel & Spa are on a first floor without elevator and do not have television, nor minibar.
  • People with less than 30 days of surgery, people with heart failure, arterial hypotension, or chemotherapy treatments, cannot use the Thermal Spa. Pregnant or lactating women should consult with their doctor to evaluate pto what temperature and haw long can they stay at thermal pools.
  • To enter the Thermal Spa, guests must do it with a swimsuit, (women, full swimsuit or bikini, not shorts). It opens at 9:45 am and closes at 6:30 pm.
  • Guests staying at the Hotel will share the facilities, from 10 am to 6:30 pm, with clients comming for the day.
  • In the area there is only Movistar signal.
  • Hotel guests will have wi-fi included. However, they should keep in mind that the speed is not good and that they will only have signal at the lobby.
  • Rates don’t include shuttle service.

Rates at our Thermal Hotel & Spa are per room per night in Argentine pesos. They can change according to market variations and must be reconfirmed when booking. At the time of booking you will be informed exactly the effective rate for each date.

  • Covid-19:

– If you are a Covid patiet or a close contact we will ask you to probe it with a medical prescription so that you can reschedule for any other date in 2021-2022.

– If our Hotel is open but ther are problems with means of trasport or you are not allowed to enter our province, you must let as know as soon as possible so that you can reschedule for any other date in 2021-2022.

– If our Thermal Hotel & Spa must close its doors, we will let you know so that you can reschedule for any other date in 2021-2022.

  • For any other personal inconvenience, you must let us know with 10 days in advance, so that you can reschedule. If you advice us with less than 10 days, we will put thoes nights for sell again and if they are sold you will be able to reschedule for any other date in 2021-2022.
  • Children under 14 years old cannot enter the Thermal Spa because thre, our guests and tourists seek for relaxation and tranquility. For this reason, children under 14 years old cannot enter the Thermal Spa, but they can use the swimming pool of the hotel with thermal water.
  • It is outdoors and not covered.
  • To enter this pool children must always be supervised by an adult.
  • Our Thermal Hotel & Spa does not have a babysitter. We have a game room (pool table and ping pong) and some board games.
  • There is a TV only in the lobby and a PC.
  • Another option for children is the Thermal Water Park (800mts from the hotel). Children must be accompanied by one adult and can get thr walking.
COVID-19 Protocol (shortned):


  • At pools, affinity groups must keep distance with others.
  • It may happen, that as less people enter per pool, you must be ask to stay for no longer that 10 minutes at each pool.
Breakfast and Lunch Buffet:
  • Tables at the restaurant are separated by 1.5 mts one from another.
  • Buffets are assited by people of our staff.
Mask and hand hygiene
  • Mask won’t be needed in the pools but you must wear it all time outside pools.
  • We recommend cleaning your hands frequently and using alcohol’s spays or gel.

Our Visitors Opinions